A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana


Montana Harvest

A Jim Buchanan Novel (The Jim Buchanan Series)

Murder for profit meets Native American Justice

Torn between two different worlds, the man known by his people as Issaxchí-Káata (Little Hawk) Cedar County Sheriff Jim Buchanan, the son of a Scotsman and Native American woman had it all––a lucrative sports career and celebrity status. Yet, he sacrificed it all to return to his roots, to the land he knew and loved.

In Cedar County Montana, Sheriff Buchanan is the law. When the FBI contacts him concerning a missing persons investigation, it threatens not only his own life but also the life of the person dearest to his heart.

In his attempt to crack the case, Jim comes to grips with a long-held family secret and experiences the mystical nature of his Native American heritage.

Alan Caruba, Editor and Founding Member of the National Book Critics Circle – “Montana Harvest is one of the stories whose characters immediately intrigue the reader.”

Montana Harvest is an Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) 2016 Runner-up and 2017 Book Award Winner in the Mystery/Suspense category.

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Mystery at Little Bitterroot

A Jim Buchanan Novel (The Jim Buchanan Series)

They say dead men tell no tales but do their spirits?

Cedar County Sheriff Jim Buchanan investigates a series of killings while treading lightly around a Native American legend that seems all too real.

After Jim finds a corpse on reservation land the body count grows and the ḿalyè es šeýiłk (spirit memories) seize the hearts and minds of the community muddling Jim’s efforts to bring the killer to justice.

Mystery at Little Bitterroot was a 2016 Amazon #1 hot new release in Native American Literature.

© 2016, Red Road Publishers

The Killing Zone

the killing zone by felix giordano

A Jim Buchanan Novel (The Jim Buchanan Series)

The Killing Zone, a gritty tale of revenge, mayhem, murder, and miracles.

Native American Sheriff Jim Buchanan pursues an outlaw motorcycle gang into the Yaak wilderness of northwestern Montana and confronts an unfulfilled Plains Indian prophesy.

Jordan Pecile, Professor Emeritus U.S. Coast Guard Academy – “The Killing Zone’s antagonist, Videl Tanas is a vicious thug in the same mold as Cormac McCarthy’s ruthless Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men.”

© 2017, Red Road Publishers

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Missing in Montana

A Jim Buchanan Novel (The Jim Buchanan Series)

Axe Killian was a Knuckle Dragger, ex-military, now undercover FBI with a Harley, an attitude, and a secret.

After an undercover assignment in Montana’s vast Yaak wilderness, Axe and his superior, Special Agent in Charge Manny Costa stumble upon a five-year old cold case abduction.

Axe is coaxed to accept the assignment with the cooperative assistance of Sheriff Jim Buchanan. However, when Axe closes in on the missing, mixed-blood Blackfeet teenage girl by the name of Peta Ross, his past challenges him to do the right thing.

In spite of Axe’s extensive training, sense of honor, and call to duty, Peta would not only change who he was but who he would become.

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