A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana

Author Felix F. Giordano

Felix F. Giordano is a member of the Western Writers of America (WWA), the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA), the Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE), the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS), and a founding member of the Eastern Connecticut Writers (ECW). To find out more about ECW go to: Eastern Connecticut Writers

The inspiration for Felix’ novels began when he was twelve-years old and the book, The Oregon Trail captivated him and was the motivation for him to compose his own version. Throughout his formative years and as an adult what most captured his interest were the novels of Jules Verne, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and J.R.R. Tolkien as well as the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Mr. Giordano continued to write stories and poems but in 2004, he elevated his expectations and took the craft of writing to a serious level. He attended creative writing classes instructed by Jordon Pecile, Professor Emeritus U.S. Coast Guard Academy who encouraged Felix to take an original short story that he had written about an autopsy and expand it into a novel by composing a scene-by-scene outline and design a series of character profiles. Mr. Giordano’s short story evolved into the novel, Montana Harvest

Mr. Giordano’s first two novels became top ten best sellers in Native American Literature on Amazon.com with Mystery at Little Bitterroot achieving the #1 Hot New Release in that category for more than two weeks during April, 2016.

In addition, Montana Harvest was an IPNE 2016 book award runner-up and a 2017 IPNE book award winner in the Mystery/Suspense category.

Mr. Giordano’s novels’ fictional protagonist is Jim Buchanan, a mixed-blood Native American sheriff who is known by his people as Issaxchí-Káata (Little Hawk). Born in 1962 on the Crow Indian Reservation in south central Montana, Jim was raised there until he was banned from the Rez for a teenage indiscretion. He then lived with his Scottish father in fictional Taylor Montana, part of fictional Cedar County near the Idaho border. Jim channeled his energies into a football career, first at Taylor High School, then at the University of Montana, and finally as a National Football League defensive end with the Chicago Bears. After three star-studded years in the trenches, injuries took their toll and he retired in 1986. That was followed by a four-year enlistment in the United States Air Force after which Jim then decided to return to his roots and carve out a career in law enforcement. First he served as a Montana Highway Patrolman on the Havre to Fort Benton patrol route on U.S. Highway 87 and then was elected as Cedar County Sheriff in 1993. Throughout all his life experiences, Jim attempts to do the right thing by following the Red Road (Red Road is a metaphor that Native Americans use for being truthful with oneself yet strong in one’s convictions and living a life of peace and harmony with reverence for Mother Earth and all its creatures). 

Mr. Giordano’s characters in the Jim Buchanan Novels are reflective of his many life experiences in Montana. From the grandeur of Glacier Park to the giant, old-growth cedar forests near the Kootenai River, from the seemingly eternal Yaak wilderness to the vastness of the Madison Valley, from the cliffs of the ancient Rimrocks to the haunting secrets of the Crazy Mountains, and from the bleakness of the Missouri Breaks to the high plains of the Crow Reservation, Mr. Giordano captures the varied landscapes, wildlife, people, and customs indigenous to this beautiful and enduring land.

The mystery and ruggedness of the western mountainous terrain contrasting with the vast and desolate eastern plains formed the natural backdrop for the divergence between two very different cultures inhabiting that landscape providing the inspiration for Mr. Giordano’s Native American themed mystery/suspense/thriller series – The Jim Buchanan Novels.

Mr. Giordano has published the mystery/suspense/thriller novels Montana Harvest, Mystery at Little Bitterroot, The Killing Zone, Missing in Montana, and Miracle of the Talking Stick. A 6th novel titled Montana Ripper has a targeted publishing date of late 2021. Other novels coming soon are Incident at Dead River Junction and Blood on the Rez.