A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana

Fictional Cedar County Montana

Jurisdiction of Sheriff Jim Buchanan

From the Canadian border in the north to Sanders County in the south, to the Idaho border on the west to Lincoln, Flathead, and Lake Counties in the east. The county seat of Cedar County is the city of Taylor situated on the Clark Fork River. U.S. Route 228 is the main highway through Cedar County and runs from Taylor in the west and past the village of Horace in the east.

Towns & populations:
Taylor 13,167 – county seat, Cedar County Sheriff’s Dept., Taylor Police Dept.
Mallory 4,256 – Mallory Police Dept.
Spaulding 2,852 – Spaulding Police Dept.
Ledge Flats 234
Trout Hollow 1,289 – Trout Hollow Police Dept.
Sullivan 363
Big Stump 853 – situated on the Flathead Reservation
Horace 44 – situated on the Flathead Reservation
Other towns 1,000
Total county population – 24,058

Author’s note: In addition to Cedar County being a fictional county (it was constructed from parts of the actual Lincoln, Sanders, Lake, and Flathead counties), all towns depicted on this map are also fictional as well as U.S. Route 228 which does not exist anywhere in the United States. Everything else on this map is factual and true to scale. 

Universities –
• Taylor University, Taylor, Montana

Schools –
• Taylor High School, Taylor, Montana
• Saint William Christian School, Taylor, Montana
• John Taylor Academy, Taylor, Montana

Hospitals –
• Cedar County Hospital, Taylor, Montana
• Taylor University Medical Center, Taylor, Montana
• Saint Mary’s Hospital, Taylor, Montana
• Mallory Community Hospital, Mallory, Montana

Places of Worship –
• Taylor United Methodist Church
• Taylor Seventh Day Adventist Church
• Taylor Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
• Taylor Community Bible Church
• Faith Baptist Church
• First Presbyterian Church of Taylor
• Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church
• Temple Beth Solomon
• Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Airports –
• Mackenzie Municipal Airport, Taylor, Montana
• Taylor International Airport, Taylor, Montana

Newspapers –

• Cedar County Ledger – weekly county newspaper
• Taylor Bulletin – daily town newspaper

Entertainment –

• Jubilee Theater
• Taylor Ten Pin Bowling
• Stocky’s Billiards
• Lucy’s Lunchenotte

Highways –
• US Hwy 228
• Route 93
• Route 28