A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana

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The Jim Buchanan Series

This holiday season: Montana Harvest (2016 IPNE Book Award Finalist) and
Mystery at Little Bitterroot.

Montana Harvest: Murder for profit meets Native American justice

Sheriff Jim Buchanan, a mixed-blood Native attempts to solve a missing persons investigation. In his attempt to crack the case, he comes to grips with a long-held family secret and experiences the mystical nature of his Native American heritage.

Mystery at Little Bitterroot: They say dead men tell no tales but do their spirits?

Sheriff Jim Buchanan investigates a series of killings while treading lightly around a Native American legend that seems all too real.

Both available on here!

Coming soon, The Killing Zone: A darkness shrouds Montana bringing with it revenge, mayhem, and murder.

Released from prison, the ringleader of an outlaw biker gang reunites with his thugs as a gang rape, a series of murders, and unleashed vengeance imperil Sheriff Jim Buchanan.



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Mystery at Little Bitterroot

Mystery at Little Bitterroot has achieved Amazon's #1 ranking for Native American Literature's Hot New Book Releases.
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