The Jim Buchanan Novels

A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana

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Who is Jim Buchanan?

No, I’m not referring to the 15th President of the United States. Jim Buchanan is the main character of my novels. A mixed-blood county sheriff in Montana, Jim is 34, 6’4”, with shoulder-length brown hair, worn in a pony tail. His father was Scottish and his mother a full-blood Crow Indian. Also known as Little Hawk, Jim was a 3-sport athlete at Thompson Falls High School. He graduated from the University of Montana where he was a football star, winning the Outland Trophy in his senior year. A 1st round National Football League draft pick, Jim played defensive end for the Chicago Bears before an injury-filled three years convinced him to retire. He then became a United States Air Force Military Policeman (dog handler) and next, a Montana Highway Patrolman before he found his calling as Sheriff of Sanders County, Montana. Jim is principled, self-disciplined, and strives for perfection. He holds himself and society up to strict ideals. He sees other people and their actions as either right or wrong. There’s no middle ground with Jim unless common sense dictates otherwise. His decisions to sometimes do things his own way, send him on a separate path with the law though he always achieves the intended results.


Mystery at Little Bitterroot

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