A series of mystery/suspense/thriller novels from present day, western Montana

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About the Author

One of the primary goals of Felix Giordano’s writing is to challenge the Native American stereotypes prevalent in today’s society. In his novels, Mr. Giordano demonstrates that the indigenous way of life is centered upon the premise that everything on this Earth is interconnected by a mutual bond of balanced existence and his intent is to promote awareness of the inherent beauty in Native American culture.

A member of the Connecticut Authors & Publishers Association,  Mr. Giordano was a featured writer at the May, 2007 Mishi-maya-gat Spoken Word & Music Series at Manchester Community College in Manchester, Connecticut. He belongs to the writers group, Jordon’s Twelve and is a contributing author of an anthology published by the group titled, Tales from Half Moon Room.

Mr. Giordano completed research in Montana visiting historical sites, Native American spiritual sites, and locations that are relevant in his novels. He spoke with and interviewed sheriffs, undersheriffs, police chiefs, policemen, highway patrolmen, coroners, town officials, local people, and representatives of Native American organizations.

Routinely attending Native American powwows, participating in Native American interactive social groups on the Internet, and supporting the Red Feather Development Group, an organization providing straw bale housing on Montana and Arizona Indian reservations are part of Mr. Giordano’s commitment to the Native American community.

“I believe that writers don’t write to satisfy themselves, they write to satisfy readers.” ~ Felix F. Giordano

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